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My name is Margaret Ransdell-Green

I have been making constructed languages (conlangs) since 1998 and working professionally with clients to provide languages to a variety of creative media since 2018. 


I work with clients to create rich, fully fleshed out and grammatically diverse languages that add cultural and artistic depth to creative endeavors. I have worked with authors, comic book creators, visual artists, and others to construct a wide variety of languages for many purposes. I also make constructed scripts (writing systems) and digital fonts for constructed languages.

Background & Skill

I am a linguist with a specialization in endangered language documentation. I also specialize in phonetics and phonology (sound systems).

     I have taught foreign languages and linguistics at the university level. Additionally, I have tutored and mentored people in conlanging and linguistics.

     I have experience with font-making in a digital environment, as well as calligraphy. 

     I also have a background in music and poetry and have composed, written, and performed music and poetry in many of my conlangs. I have also created musical notation systems for the conlangs I write music for.

Image of Margaret with a green and red parrot on her shoulder
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